House of the Carnival

The project museográfico basic of the House of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it will be provided with 1.052 square meters and it will be equipped completely for the next edition of the holiday. ‘Serpentines and Confetis’ it is the winning project of the contest raised by the of the capital Town hall for the achievement of the work, which will serve as card of presentation of the Carnival to the tourists, and place of exhibition, conservation, learning and meeting of the different groups.

The Proyect

The House of the Carnival is a project that allows to condition the interior of an already existing building in the park of the Saints' ravine, along with the bridge Galcerán.

“This center, which is born with public service vocation, will allow to put in value all the elements and qualities that do only to our carnival and will turn into one more instrument for the tourist promotion of Santa Cruz”.

José Manuel Bermúdez

Heritage of Carnival

location "not has been chosen at random, since it will be part of a museum route will depart from the Museum of nature and man, passing by Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA) and ending in the home of the Carnival".EditThis building will house a center for the documentation and conservation of the heritage of the Carnival: "This will mean that we will have a way to safeguard our historical legacy, artistic and sentimental, in a space that allows the reception, research and archive of documentary material and audiovisual".  It is a place of active learning that will promote educational activities. Must have an area dedicated to schedule workshops and varied activities, aimed at both schoolchildren and adults, to training mode of art and crafts of the Carnival.  The location has not been chosen at random, as it will form part of a route of museums that will depart from the Museum of Man and Nature, passing by Tenerife Space of the Arts (TEA) and finish in the own House of the Carnival".

Leading spaces

East projected sandal the regional, local, national and international ambiences directed to four groups of objective public: The tourist, the community of the carnival, the specialists and investigators, and the public (visitors and families).   The permanent exhibition designed like an attractive, sensory, comfortable and entertaining space. The sufficiently flexible thing will present an equipment as to be able to receive collections and contents of different typology, archives and multimedia resources. It will be a changeable exhibition, with the suit of the current Queen of the Carnival like key piece, placed in the entrance hall of the building, which will receive the visitors and will serve as claim from the exterior.   it appears with an ambience of welcome that serves as introduction to the exhibition, a sensory space with lights of colors and sounds of the Carnival. The colors serpentines invade the central space of the room, in which there turn out to be eight independent modules. Each one will contain in its interior a screen with idiomatic multiple option and use of audio-visual resources.

Leading spaces

The changeable projection of the cartels of the Carnival will upholster one of the walls with the exhibition, creating a dynamic mural and of easy update. It will be still a videowall with projections on the carnival who will award visual impact and movement to the exhibition. In this space the confetti are located: Seats of colors and different sizes.   It will Continue a didactic and interactive space, in which visitors and students will be able to prove disguises, masks and perukes, and touch the musical instruments, experiencing this way the carnival in the first person. It will continue a shop window with the disguises and objects most representative of the carnival, which will be able to be updated often.   For his part, the polyvalent Room will be a space where to organize temporary exhibitions, conferences, presentations of books, chats or seminars. Even its exterior space will allow to programme activities across a detachable stage outdoors, which will receive performances, concerts, disguises presentations …   It will Tell, also, with a center of papers and investigation of the patrimony of the Carnival of Santa Cruz, directed to experts, journalists, students and investigators, that it will allow funds cataloging. It will be completed by a snack bar and a shop.

Multidisciplinary team

The project has been provided with the collaboration of the expert Ramón Guimerá Peña, historian and one of the most important connoisseurs of the carnival of Santa Cruz, and there has been employed at him a multidisciplinary team of which there are part Gabriel Roca (corporate Marketing and design), Ángela González de Vallejo (museóloga and cultural counsel), Juan Jesus Labrador, (graphic designer), John P. Cruz (achievement and production) and Leonor Suárez Engel (architect of interiors).