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Santa Cruz returns to meet up with their biggest party, that await eagerly thousands chicharreros and Tenerife; one that arouses the interest of visitors and tourists; one that is followed to the minute around the world and, above all, comes the party that takes us back to all the universe more fun and transgressive.

The Carnival already has arrived. The city opens to the world a year more to spread joy and vacilón, day and night; to enjoy with family or friends, to admire the creativity, imagination and fantasy of those who designed the costumes and the self-confidence and humor of those who wear them.

In this edition we have prepared luggage to travel to the Caribbean, generic theme of the feast that symbolically, I am fully convinced, it will give much play at the Carnival. But we will also travel for the rest of the world, because we have the greatest national and international coverage of Carnival with broadcasts of TVE, guaranteed in a deployment according to their category of Festival of international tourist interest.

Would like to thank once again the efforts of all and each of the chicharreros making it possible that the party is what it is, an explosion of joy in a cordial, friendly and safe environment. Thanks I personalize in the carnival groups, which constitute major associations of the municipality, and also those groups responsible for the Organization of events, and security and cleaning during the intense days of the Carnival in the street. Because everyone, without exception, contribute to maintain our Carnival as reference essential of the culture popular contemporary.

To the village of Santa Cruz, to our thousands of visitors, to all the world: happy Carnival 2017.

José Manuel Bermúdez Esparza
Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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