The Announcement Parade The Announcement Parade is the beginning of the Carnival. It is a gigantic multi-colored serpentine pageant, made up by thousands of masks and tens of musical ensembles, marching for hours along the main streets of the city to show the public watching on the sidewalks the ingenuity outburst becoming joy. Floats, musical ensembles, spectators who join in and families disguised, of all ages, march slowly along the city announcing what is to come: the frenetic enjoyment that will take hold of the people for more than a week.

The Coso The Coso (parade) is the culmination of the Tenerife Carnival. It is the grand finale of the party, an avalanche full of colour, rhythm and merriment that, for hours, marches along the seafront avenue of the city, with the participation of floats, musical ensembles and the Carnival Queen and her royal entourage.